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Aluminum Flanges - FL

Standard, Increased & Reduction Flanges for:
Standard Efficiency Motors - ST / AM
2 Speed Motors - FB
High Brake Torque Full Size Brake Motors (230/460 & 575V) - AAF/ AMBZ
Low Brake Torque Compact Brake Motors - MS
Single Phase Motors (Single & Dual Voltage) - LM(E) / DVE
IE3 Premium Efficiency Motors (frame sizes 80-160) - AMPH

Cast Iron Flanges - FLD

Flanges for IE3 Premium Efficiency Motors (frame sizes 180-315) - LAB 

Explosion Proof Motor Flanges - FLEX

Flanges for Explosion Proof Motors - MAK

HP Standalone Permanent Magnet AC Motor Flanges - FL (Oversized Bearings)

Standard & Increased Flanges for: 
High Performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors - HPS

Stainless Steel Motor Flanges - FLS & FLP

Flanges for Stainless Steel Motors (IP56, IP67 & IP69K) - LA