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PRICES:  Prices shown are F.O.B. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. All taxes are extra, where applicable. Prices are subject to confirmation at the time of ordering.
PAYMENT TERMS:   Payment is due 30 days from the date of shipment for credit approved accounts. 2% per month finance charge will be added to any overdue account not paid after 30 days or as allowed by law. Product will remain the property of LAFERT NORTH AMERICA INC until complete payment had been made by the purchaser.
CLAIM:  Claims for shortage or damaged goods for any collect shipment must be made to the transportation company as risk passes to the customer at the point of F.O.B. Claims for shortage or damaged goods for any prepaid shipment will be made to the transportation company as risk stands with the shipper at the point of F.O.B.
WARRANTY:  No warranty changes or credits will be issued without prior approval from Lafert NA. Lafert Motors, SITI Gear Reducers and Sacemi Pumps are covered by a one-year warranty from date of sale or 18 months from date of manufacture, whichever comes first. This warranty is against defects in manufacture or defective material only. The seller will, at their option, either replace or repair the defective units. Warranty does not apply to improper storage, improper installation or use, modification or repair without our authorization and any other fault beyond our  control.
SELLER LIMITATION: The seller makes no warranties respecting the suitability or fitness of these motors for any particular purpose or use. The buyer shall not, in any event, be entitled to, and the seller shall not be liable for loss of profit, direct or indirect and incidental or consequential damages of any nature. Buyer recovery from seller for any claim shall not exceed the buyer’s purchase price for the product, irrespective of the claim whether in contract warranty or otherwise. No liability will be accepted for field service, removal, replacement, inspection, freight or travel charges unless previously authorized by LAFERT NORTH AMERICA INC.
RETURN GOODS: You must obtain prior authorization before returning any product. Product being returned must be properly packaged against breakage and be shipped freight pre-paid to LAFERT NORTH AMERICA INC or its authorized repair depot.