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Metric Motors

Permanent Magnet Metric Motors HPI
Permanent Magnet (Stand alone) HPS
Standard Efficient Design Motors ST Range
High Efficient Design Motors AMH / LAB Range
Premium Efficiency Design Motors AMPH / LAB Range
Compact Brake Motors (DC coil) MS Range
Forced Ventilation Motors AMFV Range
Full Size Brake Motors AF & AAF Range
2 Speed Full Size Brake Motors AFB & AAFB Range
2 Speed Motors (1 & 2 windings) FB Range
Stainless Steel Motors LA Range (IP56, IP67, IP69K)
Single Phase Motors LM / LME / DVE Range
Explosion Proof Motors MAK Range


Right Angle Gearboxes (IEC)
Helical inline Gearboxes (IEC)
Bevel Helical Gearboxes (IEC)
Speed variators (IEC)
Bevel Gearboxes (IEC)


Low-cost replacement PUMPS ideal for:

  • Tool cutting machines
  • Glass grinding tools
  • Printing equipment
  • Industrial applications

Flanges & Accessories

Standard, Increased & Decreased Flanges for:

  • ST, HE, FB, AAF, MS, LME, DVE, AMFV (up to 132 frame size) Series Motors
  • LAB Series Motors
  • MAK Series Motors

Increasing & Reducing Flanges (Call for pricing at 1-800-661-6413)

*If frame size is 160L, shaft extension is required

*If frame size is 160M, shaft extension and bearing repositioning is required

*B5 increased and reducing flanges may require motor windings to be pressed (additional charge may be applicable)

*MAK Flanges are not sold separately and must be installed to a MAK motor